Eastern Funding

Why Choose Eastern Funding

Big Bank Strength. Small Firm Agility.

When you need financing for equipment, acquisitions or new store startup, turn to Eastern Funding. We focus on positioning our customers for success by providing financing solutions that help them elevate their businesses.

  • Customer first focus – We work tirelessly to provide you with financing solutions that put you on the road to business success
  • More than financing – We build rock-solid relationships that put our customers first
  • Industry expertise – Our team includes experts in the industries we serve. On our team you’ll find former business owners, equipment distributors, store builders and more.
  • A diverse team – We speak many languages. Chances are we speak yours.
  • A hassle-free financing experience – Easy applications, fast turnaround times and special finance programs. We aim to make it easier for business owners to get funded fast.
  • National lender – We fund businesses in all 50 states.

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  •  Chúng tôi có giúp cho vay tiền mua tiệm washateria và máy móc.
  • Mượn tiền nhanh chóng, giấy tờ dễ dàng, lãi xuất hợp lý.
  • Điền vào đơn phía dưới hoặc gọi cho chúng tôi để được tư vấn kỹ càng.

Office: (281) 440-7011 . Email: contact@Lcepartsonline.com

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